Art Carver, President

Art, the founder and President of SRG, has over 30 years of experience in the footwear and apparel industry.  As Senior Vice President of Sourcing and Logistics at Reebok International, Ltd., Art designed and implemented a global supply chain strategy that redefined processes worldwide, increasing cost efficiencies while meeting customer service demands.  During Art’s tenure at Reebok, he also strengthened the brand’s relationships in Asia by instituting a partnership plan with each of the factories. Art was also the Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Vans, Inc, then a $350 million leader in the action sports industry. At Vans, he managed international business in Canada, Asia and Latin America while also heading all of worldwide logistics, distribution, customer service, sourcing and manufacturing.  In 2003, Art founded the Sourcing Resource Group.  Since then he has worked with several brands to improve sourcing and supply chain operations.  As the President of Sourcing Resource Group, Art is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of helping our partner brands compete more effectively. He is also tasked with growing the base of business in both the U.S. and Asia while constantly searching for ways to improve standard sourcing practices and looking for other areas of the world from which to source quality products.

Willy Burgos, Vice President

Willy has over 25 years of experience in the management of footwear, apparel and accessory sourcing and manufacturing.  Prior to Sourcing Resource Group, Willy was the General Manager of Far East sourcing operations for Fila.  In this capacity, he oversaw the reorganization of Fila sourcing operations while managing all phases of production for over 6 million pairs per year. Willy has also served as the General Manager for Vans in the Far East.  In this capacity, Willy was responsible for overall operations of Vans’ Hong Kong and the China offices.  Specifically, Willy managed the entire Far East operations, including product development, costing, commercialization, production, quality control, tracking, vendor sourcing and order management.  Prior to working for footwear brands, Willy was a footwear factory plant manager, meaning that he brings hands-on experience to the management of our partner brands’ sourcing businesses.  Willy is an engineer by trade, holding a BS in Chemical Engineering from MAPUA Institute of Technology in Manila.

Joey Soriano, Vice President and Managing Director for Asia

Joey brings over 20 years of experience in footwear design, development and manufacturing including positions at Reebok, Vans, Fila and Globe.  Joey has worked extensively with manufacturing throughout Asia and has advanced experience in pattern making, material development, costing, duty classification, tooling processes and product commercialization.  While at Globe, Joey set the standards and procedures for product development and managed a team of twelve designers and developers.  As the Director of Development for Vans, Joey initiated measurements for development processes for samples and final product to be delivered on time and at cost.  Joey received his degree from MAPUA Institute of Technology in the Philippines.