Management of Sourcing and Supply Chain Operations

Sourcing Resource Group is a sourcing management company that serves as the overseas sourcing operation for footwear, apparel and accessory brands.  We specialize in the total management of sourcing and supply chain operations including the evaluation of our partners’ current practices and, as necessary, the initiation of relationships with quality factories. 

Sourcing Resource Group is an independent organization of highly skilled individuals in Asia that offers complete product management services.  We provide brands the ability to eliminate the high fixed costs and direct management of teams in Asia with a cost plan that is better suited for your business model.  Brands can then focus on core competencies: creating, marketing and selling great products.

Sourcing Resource Group works with brands to understand how they are operating and how their factories are performing.  The output from our diagnostic is an assessment of our partner’s operations and factories, identifying key areas for improvement. 

Factories and Manufacturing Standards

Sourcing Resource Group has a network of factories that have proven track records of manufacturing quality products while maintaining best in class human rights and environmental standards.  Therefore, we offer brands the ability to find quality, trustworthy factories in a current business world that can be difficult to navigate without sufficient expertise.